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Online Webinar

Unlocking Employee Wellbeing and Talent Retention: The Secret to Corporate Longevity

5月 23, 2024 (木曜日)
4:30 PM
- 5:30 PM
Cost: Free
Region: USA

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5月 23, 2024
Adam Gordon

In today’s fast-paced business world, the main challenges facing many CHROs are ensuring employee wellbeing while retaining top talent.


Drawing on the Japanese leadership philosophy of Kokorozashi, this session will delve into the secrets of talent retention and how it transcends conventional pillars of salary and promotion to align organisational goals with employees’ life purpose.


Learn how you can leverage on the secret to Japanese corporate longevity to create a holistic approach to talent retention and transform your HR strategy to achieve positive employee wellbeing and organisational success.

Meet the Speakers

Adam Gordon
Director, Head of Business Development, Faculty

Adam Gordon has worked in the education sector in Asia and the UK for over 20 years and has been engaged in content management, business development, strategy planning, L&D, operations, and marketing during this time. He has facilitated sessions in Leadership with a strong focus on globalization and a keen interest in Japanese management.


At GLOBIS, Adam is the Director of Business Development for GLOBIS Unlimited. He manages both global B2C and B2B sales and marketing. He also coaches corporate clients in leadership development. His specializations include leadership development and theory, L&D, team development, globalization, and cross-cultural management.

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