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Online Webinar

Fostering a Culture of Growth: Globalization Starting with e-Learning

5月 29, 2024 (水曜日)
10:00 AM
- 11:00 AM
Cost: Free
Region: UK
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5月 29, 2024
Hyuk Kim
GLOBIS Unlimited
Ahmed Furkan Osaka
GLOBIS Unlimited

Dive into our event where we’ll explore the vital role of fostering a growth culture within Japanese Multinational Companies.


Here’s what’s in store:


1. Why Growth Culture Matters: Understand the link between growth culture and globalization, and why it’s crucial for Japanese companies to embrace it now.


2. E-Learning’s Impact: Learn how e-Learning can drive company success, career growth, client satisfaction, and employee well-being, with tailored solutions for fostering growth culture.


3. Real-Life Examples: Discover practical applications through case studies like Customizable Learning Path (CLPs) and corporate training bundles, showcasing the power of e-Learning.


4. Overcoming Challenges: Uncover common hurdles in E-learning implementation and find opportunities for organizational growth.


5. Expert Insights: Get credible insights from industry leader


Join us for a lively Q&A and a clear call to action. Don’t miss out on this chance to transform your approach to growth culture and e-Learning.

Meet the Speakers

Hyuk Kim
Business Development Lead
GLOBIS Unlimited

Hyuk is an experienced business development professional with an international background in the education industry. He strongly believes in the pivotal role of education technology in fostering the growth of individuals and organizations. At GLOBIS, his commitment lies in contributing to the success of globalized enterprises.


Hyuk presently provides support to businesses in Japan and North America, also serving as a member of the GLOBIS Faculty Group.

Ahmed Furkan Osaka
Business Development Lead
GLOBIS Unlimited

Ahmed moved to Japan in 2014 from Bangladesh to pursue his Bachelor's Degree in Marketing at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. After graduating in 2018, he dedicated more than half a decade to working in overseas sales and business development in Japan and the APAC region. He is passionate about intercultural communication and global human resource development.


Currently, Ahmed supports companies in the APAC region in the development of successful learning and development (L&D) strategies utilizing technology, e-learning, and hybrid learning.

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